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CodeDigital Server Monitoring Example

This is just an example of the kind of detailed server uptime and performance analysis reports we can provide for you, in realtime, which can monitor your web server, mail server or any other servers. It also alerts us and you immediately when a server or service goes down, so we can begin fixing it immediately. Return to the CodeDigital website.

Service Information
Last Updated: Thu Oct 30 03:06:15 EST 2003
Updated every 90 seconds
Logged in as staffuser
On Host
Your Website Web Server
(production server)

Service State Information
Current Status:
Status Information:PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 15.43 ms
Current Attempt:1/3
State Type:HARD
Last Check Type:ACTIVE
Last Check Time:10-30-2003 03:05:35
Status Data Age: 0d 0h 0m 40s
Next Scheduled Active Check:  10-30-2003 03:10:35
Latency:< 1 second
Check Duration:4 seconds
Last State Change:10-30-2003 00:50:47
Current State Duration: 0d 2h 15m 28s
Last Service Notification:N/A
Current Notification Number:0
Is This Service Flapping?N/A
Percent State Change:N/A
In Scheduled Downtime?
Last Update:10-30-2003 03:06:12
Service Checks:
Passive Checks:
Service Notifications:
Event Handler:
Flap Detection:
Service Commands
Disable Checks Of This ServiceDisable checks of this service
Re-schedule Next Service CheckRe-schedule the next check of this service
Submit Passive Check Result For This ServiceSubmit passive check result for this service
Stop Accepting Passive Checks For This ServiceStop accepting passive checks for this service
Disable Notifications For This ServiceDisable notifications for this service
Schedule Downtime For This ServiceSchedule downtime for this service
Disable Event Handler For This ServiceDisable event handler for this service
Disable Flap Detection For This ServiceDisable flap detection for this service

Service Comments
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Entry TimeAuthorCommentComment IDPersistentActions
10-30-2003 01:05:35 StaffUser Server was brought down to add more memory, no problems reported. 1 reboot

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