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Spam and Virus Filter Demo
In order to demonstrate just how the CodeDigital SpamStopper Server works to combat spam and virus attacks, we have prepared three actual examples extracted from our own network. CodeDigital uses a combination of several open source and commercial software packages with our recommended configuration: MailScanner, SpamAssassin, and F-Prot. We have worked with other software configurations, but have found these to be highly effecient and effective.

Click Here to view an actual spam email.
This link demonstrates an actual Spam email which was blocked by our server.
Click Here to view that spam email after being filtered and identified.
Now take a look at the message which was sent to the user informing them a spam mail has attempted to come through, and changing the subject line so our email client can auto-route it to a pre-designated spam folder if we so wished.

Notice that the Spam mail was scored on a number of common spam techniques, such as Date: is 3 to 6 hours before Received: date and BODY: Message is 40% to 50% HTML.

Click Here to view an attempted virus attack via email.
But we can use these techniques to block more than spam, we can also block virus attacks. In case someone sent you a virus attachment in an email this is all you would receive, removing you from harm.

CodeDigital Spam Stopper Server, We can help eliminate 90% of your spam and all known viruses where they originate, at the server level

How much time and money do you spend deleting all those spam mails? Has anyone on your network downloaded an email containg a virus, only to compromise all of your PCs? We can help eliminate 90% of your spam and all known viruses where they originate, at the server level. Read more about features and pricing of the SpamStopper Server here.
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